How to Delete POF Account

There are many possible reasons behind deleting POF account. Some examples, you have found your life partner and about to get in serious relationship soon, so whats the use of the dating account right? So delete it. Another reason may possibly be that you haven’t found any serious person via online dating sites and don’t want to rely on this anymore; so delete it.

Delete POF Account

These are some of the reasons why users tends to Delete Plenty of Fish account. But have you thought for a while that, what if your relationship doesn’t go well and what if you still want to hangout on online dating site?

Once you delete your account, you can’t undo it. All the profiles, pictures, friends in the circle will be deleted with your account. Therefore, it has come up with a secret option to hide your profile among other users and in your friend list too.

What this option basically does is, it will pause your dating account activity for some time being. No one can contact you, no one can view your profile. Its almost like deleting your account but you can login later if you wish to. Overall, you will be gone temporarily.

How to delete POF account temporarily:

  • Go to this link : This will take you to the account deletion page.
  • Now sign in to your POF Account.
  • As I’ve already mentioned above, this page is about the account deletion, so there’s a couple of paragraph written to stick around, do read it if you like.
  • Scroll the page a bit and click on “If you just want to hide your profile for a while CLICK HERE!“. delete pofMake sure you click on “Click Here” phrase.
  • This will land you to your profile editing page. Now click on “To hide your profile from others click here
  • Now your account will be hidden from all the users including ones in your friend list.

However, if you wish to permanently delete your POF account, then follow the first 3 steps from above and click on “To delete your account CLICK HERE!”. Now enter your username and password and some other boxes. Finally click on “Delete account“.

In conclusion,

Think twice before permanently deleting your POF account, as it will delete all your data and you need to start all over again. Therefore, it is highly recommended to hide your account from other users rather than deleting permanently until and unless you really want to delete it.

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