New Hotmail Login Page

Hotmail Login page has changed a bit in the past couple of months. If you’ve been using it in a regular basis, you’ll notice the small changes in it.

New Hotmail Login Page

Previously in the login page of Hotmail, you need to enter your password and email address in the same pages. Now, things have changed. First you are allowed to enter only your email address and after you click on “Next”, you can enter your password. Here, while entering your Email account, if there happens to be any error, you wont be allowed to continue to the next page.

Alternate Outlook Login

Previously in the Home page of Outlook, users are allowed to sign in to their email account with out using their password. I think most of you are aware about this. But in case you don’t, alternative Hotmail sign in is the process where you don’t need to enter your password to access your account. Rather, enter your personal mobile number and code will be sent to you. Now, use that code in order to get logged in. But remember, this code can only be used once. It cannot be used for further sign in. Also, you need to verify your mobile number first in order to get the text from Microsoft team.

With that being said, now in the new Hotmail login page, you don’t have an option for the alternative sign in. We don’t know weather this option is moved to other place or permanently removed. The Outlook officials have not verified about this option.

Previously, back in 2015 login page used to look like this (with all the links)old outlook

Where as now, in the present context, it looks something like this,

Forgot your password

Previously, when you forgot your email password, you need to go to the sign in page of outlook and click on “Forgot password”. But now, as we’ve already mentioned above, you need to enter your email address first. And as you land on next page, you can find the link that says “Forgotten my password”.outlook password

Sign up for Hotmail

This link has not changed its position. you can find it in the homepage of Outlook.

These are all the option that are easily accessible via Hotmail Login page. Placements  of the link are slightly changed but you can find it anyway.

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